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General Insurance


Clients can choose from a range of general insurance products for protection against unfortunate events such as disability due to an accident, financial difficulty arising from a vehicle being stolen or damaged, hospitalisation, loss of a home due to fire or theft and loss of income due to business disruption.

  • Motor Insurance

    Having an adequate amount of motor insurance coverage is important. Depending on the chosen plan, motor insurance offers basic coverage that can include third party, fire and theft right up to comprehensive coverage.

    For enhanced coverage, the policy owner is encouraged to include additional perils such as flood typhoons, riots, commotions and breakage of windscreens or sunroofs.

  • Motorist Companion (Passengers) Insurance

    Passengers Insurance is designed to cover the driver and/or passenger(s) in the vehicle against loss of life or disablement caused by an accident while entering, riding in or alighting from the vehicle.

  • Houseowners Insurance

    A houseowners insurance policy is specially designed to insure private dwellings (houses, flats or apartments) and covers against several risks such as loss or damage to the home building caused by fire, lightning and explosion. The houseowners insurance policy can be extended to include additional perils such as riots, strikes and malicious damage, subsidence and landslip as well as plate glass at additional premiums.

  • Householders Insurance

    The householders insurance policy is designed to insure home contents (including furniture, furnishings, household goods, personal effects and valuables) against loss or damage caused by incidences such as fire, lightning, explosion, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of a building, and more.

    The policy may be extended to include coverage on full theft (without the limitation of being accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of the building), riots, strikes and malicious damage at additional premiums.

  • Personal Accident Plan

    A Personal Accident plan provides 24-hour worldwide protection against unforeseeable losses incurred due to accidental death and/or disablement. It has the flexibility of allowing clients to select the type and level of covers they desire and it can also be used as a supplement to any other insurance as its benefits are payable regardless of any coverage which they may have with the exception of medical expenses.

  • Hospitalisation Benefit

    The policy provides for hospitalisation and surgical expenses incurred due to illnesses covered under the policy. This type of policy usually covers hospitalisation accommodation and nursing expenses; surgical expenses; physician's expenses; and in-patient tests. Some products may provide benefit for accidental death and cover for out-patient tests or consultations.

  • Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance plans are designed to ensure travellers have a peace of mind while travelling abroad. It offers comprehensive coverage such as 24-hour emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services, personal accident, medical expenses, personal liability, loss of personal effects and more.

  • Business Interruption Insurance

    Business interruption insurance, usually issued in conjunction with fire insurance on the business premises to ensure that funds are available for the repair of material damage and that the insured's business will resume as usual without delay.

    The insurer also provides cover for the standing charges of the business. The standing charges such as rent, staff wages, interest on loans, insurance premiums and auditors' fees will continue to apply even though the manufacturing or trading activities have been disrupted.

    The most common business interruption policies are those which cover losses due to fires, machinery breakdown, and damages to the computers.

    The policy may be extended to cover special perils such as plate glass, loss of gross profit arising from business interruption on other's premises such as client's or supplier's premises.