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Our range of products and services include corporate finance, corporate and investment banking, equity broking, equity and debt capital markets, equity derivatives, and structured products, private equity, treasury and the provision of investment research and advisory services.

KenWRAP Modules

KenWRAP Modules

Why KenWRAP?

KenWRAP is a customer relationship management ("CRM"), wealth and portfolio management dashboard system. It is designed to understand client profiles and their financial statuses, assess their risk tolerance level and perform financial planning for the client. The dashboard also shows portfolio information for easy monitoring and to perform portfolio re-balancing.

It extends the opportunity to our consultants to increase their efficiency while improving client servicing initiatives.

Kenanga's wealth solutions offer an intuitive suite of tools that provides a 360 degree view of a client's investment portfolio that covers all aspects of financial planning, data collection, portfolio management, risk management as well as reporting and online client engagement.

This multi-purpose wealth management tool eases the financial planning process from business workflow to client communication. The platform is continuously enhanced to cater to financial changes, including regulatory and business requirements.


KenWRAP Modules

KenWRAP's suite of modules is designed to cater for a wide range of tasks required by advisers, marketing, operations and compliance divisions.


  1. Facilitates and stores all fact finding information of the client's including financial details, risk profile and personal interests.
  2. Simple and enhanced filters to search and find clients who meet specific criterias.
  3. Creating an e-relationship such as with a spouse, children, relatives and many more.
  4. Risk profiler questionnaire that helps to assess financial risk tolerance.
  1. Manages your tasks by ensuring tasks are assigned, tracked and completed in time.
  2. Store documents in any file format.
  3. Documents are fully searchable.
  4. Create professional marketing and communication emails to be sent individually or by interest groups.
  5. Record and schedule client meetings.
  6. Store all correspondence, appointments, attachments and file notes against your clients to record an audit history of all client communications.
  1. Allows investment managers to have a single view of client's portfolios and financial positions regardless of products.
  2. Provides various portfolio reports to review, monitor, analyse and to manage all aspects of your client's portfolio(s).
  3. Automatic updates from data feed providers, to ease reviewing and reporting efforts.
  1. Easy to use financial planning calculators.
  2. Illustrative charts and tables to plan investment options, retirement, education needs and many more.
  3. Unlimited scenario-based modelling and projections.
  4. Risk insurance tools to determine client's risk needs, assess, model and recommend risk solutions. It can also analyse, rate and compare policy features and benefits.
  1. Create and manage marketing campaigns.
  2. Publish news bulletins to clients or user groups.
  3. Retrieve and disseminate news items from external sources (RSS feeds from web blogs, news and industry websites) as well as internal sources (content from shared document folders).
  1. Pre-defined alerts to monitor client and portfolio data.
  2. Defined follow-up actions to ensure alerts are never missed.
  3. A full audit trail on changes made.
  4. Allows information to be recorded to support compliance and audit requirements.