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Our range of products and services include corporate finance, corporate and investment banking, equity broking, equity and debt capital markets, equity derivatives, and structured products, private equity, treasury and the provision of investment research and advisory services.

Financial Planning


At Kenanga, we handle the financial planning on behalf of our clients in a bespoke manner taking into account certain elements such as the desired retirement lifestyle or their intention of leaving behind a legacy for their next of kin.


Wealth accumulation is a dynamic process that involves regular assessment and making timely financial decisions that complements the pre-determined financial goals in areas such as retirement and/or education funding.

It is also important that your investment and businesses are managed properly and in accordance to your criteria and objectives. This can be achieved by managing all your investments as a total portfolio with your risk tolerance and objectives in mind to achieve the best results.

This is done by leveraging on various investment asset classes.

Savings and investment is the key to accumulate wealth over time where specific financial needs and goals can be met through building with multiple Investment Portfolios, Endowment Insurance, Investment-Linked Plans and other asset classes.

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Education planning is one of the surest ways to ensure a child's success for the future.

A protected education policy caters for the rising cost of a child's higher education. Upon maturity, the policy money may be paid in one lump sum or through instalments. It is also payable upon the death of the insured person (the parent) during the term of the policy.

It is advisable to start saving for a child's education well in advance, so that the contributions can grow into an education fund that support the child's future goals. 

A comprehensive education plan can enable a parent to choose term coverage for the child till he or she is of the age of 20, 21 or 23. Some plans also come with a special incentive plan for the child to reward outstanding examination. 

Parents can choose to save in a portfolio of unit trust and discretionary mandate funds, endowment plan or an investment-linked plan for the purpose of education savings. You can have an option to begin accumulating your choice of currencies through a myriad of global currencies available from Kenanga.

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Having a well-planned retirement solution ensures more carefree golden experiences.

Clients exploring retirement should ensure that they have adequate funds that take into consideration adequate medical and accident insurance coverage fees.

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Three Generation insurance plan is designed to provide benefits to three generations. The benefits will include death, total permanent disability coverage and regular life time income. It is a Whole Life plan that carries a premium payment period as short as eight years. It is a multi-generation plan that caters for three generations of beneficiaries.

The policy owner (first generation) purchases a Three Generation insurance plan to cover the life of the policy owner's child (second generation) and grandchild (third generation).

With this Plan, the policy owner receives regular income payments while the child receives insurance coverage. When the child turns 21, the policy owner will transfer the policy ownership to the child. The plan will continue to pay annual cash income to the second generation and ultimately pay the death benefit to the policy owner's grandchild upon the demise of the second generation.

Further to the above, investments and businesses can also be put into a trust or a foundation to ensure continuity and sustainability for the benefit of the client and future generations to come.

A Will is a document that names the recipients of your assets upon your passing and appoints a legal personnel/representative, Executor and Trustee to carry out these instructions and securing the estate for the best interest of the beneficiary. Without a Will, any assets or property that are in your name would be frozen; this includes bank accounts, properties and businesses. 

Having a Will saves family members the inconvenience of dealing with various parties and minimises legal and costly delays of obtaining a Letter of Administration. Through a Will, you can also choose to provide financial support to selected family members who may otherwise, not have provisions under the law.

Ultimately, writing a Will focuses on leaving a legacy behind to protect your loved ones when you are no longer around.

A trust on the other hand functions in a more specific manner whereby a nominated trust corporation is granted authority over assets or monies for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries in a professional and reliable manner. Trusts can be used to provide for the needs of the beneficiaries especially for the maintenance, education and benefit of the younger generation. By creating a valid trust, the asset under trust is protected against creditor claims and the wellbeing of your loved ones is ensured.